Full Rules

My priority is U.S. buyers but I will ship international as well.
I use USPS as my shipping service.
I ship first class but if the item weights more than 1lbs, I will use parcel post. (U.S. ONLY)
For any shipping method inside the U.S. I will include a tracking number.

U.S BUYERS: Ask for shipping.
INTERNATIONAL BUYERS: Ask for shipping. I will only accept gift payments as "I'm sending money to family or friends"
because first class international has no tracking number and I'm not going to take the risk.
If you want tracking you'll have to pay extra for priority mail and is very costly.

I have never lost a package and for extra proof, I take pictures of the receipt and the package when I ship.
I will not "recalculate/negotiate" on shipping quotes, I'll only do cheaper shipping with heavy items.
Like I said, no one is forcing you to buy from me and if you can get it cheaper somewhere else by all means.

✖QUICK NOTES: 1) If you're planning to ignore me after I have answered your question, DO NOT message me or comment on my sales page. 2) I'm not going to bother anyone for feedback but I don't mind exchanging it; I'll only give feedback after I have received it. 3) I will however leave negative feedback if you back out of a sale after I have invoiced you. I know I may sound harsh and is nothing personal but this way we will both have a smooth and easy transaction.